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Development on the basis of Blockchain, hire a blockchain programmer

Development on the basis of Blockchain, hire a blockchain programmer

Vi jobber med kunder fra hele verden. Vårt lag snakker flytende engelsk og kan lett tilpasse seg til din arbeids tidssone. Prosjektene våre er utviklet av høyt nivå utviklere. Vi bruker teknologier som videosamtaler, samtaler, korrespondanse via messengers, prosjektstyringssystemer Jira, Git etc. for kommunikasjon med våre kunder. Våre spesialister kan reise til dere hvis det er nødvendig.

Blockchain is a sequential continuous chain of blocks containing information and built using certain rules (distributed network). In the classical form, such copies of the chains of blocks are stored on a variety of different computers, independently of each other.

We are a team of developers and we perform the full process of software development from setting the task to putting a Blockchain project into operation and its further support.

The stack of technologies the blockchain is built on uses advanced cryptography, network protocols and optimized performance. This all is too difficult and costly to develop it from scratch every time when the project requires blockchain technology. Fortunately, for all those who need it there are several implementations of blockchain with open source besides Bitcoin. These are the most advanced of them:

If it is necessary to create an application quickly we recommend:

Stages of estimation and implementation of a project:

Technologies that we use:


Storing and processing the data: Redis, ElasticSearch, MongoDb, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Cassandra, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL server and others depending on the project.

Technologies used to develop mobile applications: Xamarin, PhoneGap, Cordova, Android SDK and NDK, iOS Swift, Unity3D


As soon as the work is finished, we provide the customer with the warranty for the work carried out. Warranty terms for each project are individual. If any defects are found, we eliminate them for free. To work with us means that you will get maximum convenience and quality.